Portable Power

Whether powering search and rescue equipment in the bitter arctic or communications equipment in the sweltering desert, failure is not an option. For more than 65 years, EaglePicher has designed and manufactured specialty batteries able to withstand some of the harshest conditions on Earth. DoD's road map has chosen "CFx" as a next generation portable power solution to reduce weight burden on troops and lengthen battery life in order to meet the growing demands of today’s portable military technologies.
89615252[2] EaglePicher's CFx batteries offer twice the life or half the weight, lightening the load for today's soldier!

Communications and Backup Power

EaglePicher is a critical battery technology supplier to the Department of Defense for multiple military campaigns Applications include:

  • Communication devices
  • Unmanned aerial and unmanned underwater vehicles
  • Specialized emergency response, marine safety threat detection systems
  • Ground robots
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