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EaglePicher Technologies is an industry leader in integrated power solutions. Demands on technology call for batteries and devices that are both smaller and lighter, yet deliver more energy while increasing safety. In response to these demands, we are providing the newest technology innovations which support our customers from concept to final production.

In the span of 169 years, we have created, innovated, and customized solutions for a multitude of defense, aerospace, commercial, and medical customers. Our research and development capabilities are unsurpassed. With a team consisting of over 250 astute scientists and accomplished engineers, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, EaglePicher is creating energy storage solutions to meet our customers' specific and specialized power needs. At EaglePicher, we ensure the right power is always available. Whether it is EaglePicher’s cutting-edge research in hybrid technologies or ground-breaking innovation modernization in the oil and gas industries, you can look to the experts at EaglePicher for the solution.


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Aircraft Battery Safety


Peak Shaver Project

See below video of the Explosion Containment Performance test on MAR-9516 (30 Ah, 28V) Lithium-Ion aircraft Main Engine Start Battery. This test was performed per RTCA standard DO-311, section 3.3.3 as well as FAA Memorandum ANM-113-10-004 (see aircraft power page for full disclosure)

EaglePicher's Peak Shaver project is powered by Power Pyramid™, a break-through technology in the alternative energy market allowing renewable energy to be stored and evenly distributed when needed. Currently we are using this innovative technology to provide additional power to our Crossroads facility.

Aircraft Battery Safety

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Live Peak Shaver Demo


video iconAircraft Battery Safety Test 

Click here to read the article "A Safe Solution to Concerns with Lithium-Ion Batteries" published in "Air Rescue Magazine" Issue 1 Vol 3 2013

The Peak Shaver Demonstration project at our Crossroads facility in Joplin, MO.
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