Lean Six Sigma

Our commitment 

EaglePicher has been an industry leader for over a century. We got there because of hard work, creative minds and great processes. Our process focus and commitment to continuous improvement are keys to our success. Whether it’s supporting the Apollo mission or defending our war-fighters, we realize that the quality of our efforts and the reliability of our products are everything.

How we operate

EaglePicher takes a blended approach to continuous improvement utilizing both Lean and Six Sigma. The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control methodology is our chosen process for managing project based change. Our philosophy is simple: Identify the improvement, form a team, provide the needed tools and go improve the process.  Each team shares a common goal to reduce waste and improve quality, while focusing on the customer.


What we’ve accomplished

EaglePicher deployed Lean Six Sigma at seven locations within North America. Like most deployments we started with manufacturing, but quickly expanded to engineering, supply chain and beyond. One of the benefits of Lean Six Sigma is that it develops our employees as critical thinkers and effective problem solvers. Ultimately it provides the tools and empowers the employees to improve the business.

Since our deployment, we’ve trained nearly sixty percent of the total workforce and completed hundreds of projects. For one of our recent projects we partnered with customers to improve our testing system. The outcome was a safer, simpler and more effective process that created value for both our customers as well as EaglePicher



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