EaglePicher Technologies, LLC

Rich Heritage.  Technology Leadership.

American-based and owned, EaglePicher Technologies, LLC has been a leader in designing and manufacturing of batteries, battery management systems and energetic devices for the defense, aerospace, medical and commercial industries for nearly a century.  The company provides the most experience and broadest capability in battery electrochemistry of any battery supplier in the world.  EaglePicher ensures that the right power is always available – not just for convenience – but when it’s a matter of life and death.  


EaglePicher Technologies will be the recognized leader in innovating and manufacturing power solutions—creating products of exceptional quality that provide value for our customers, superior return to our shareholders, and a great place to work for our employees.

  • World-class quality and customer service
  • Innovation and product development to solve new problems for new and existing customers
  • Technology stewardship and industry leadership
  • Operational excellence driving competitive advantage
  • Management to grow a fiscally strong and morally responsible company
  • Consistent and sustaining support for existing customers and products
  • Perpetuate the company’s legacy of contributing to the human condition, exploration, and ambition
  • Honor, integrity, and honesty
  • Respect for our customers, shareholders, and for each other in the EPT company
  • Ambition to be the best operationally by perpetuating a culture of continuous improvement and highest quality
  • Commitment to our company objectives
  • Regard for invention and the application of innovation
  • Reverence for our legacy and desire to perpetuate that heritage
  • Dedication to promote a healthier planet
  • Faith, family, country, community, and company—we hold these in high regard and desire to build and sustain a company worthy of respect


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