Peak Shaver Demonstration
Grid Energy Management and Storage System (GEMSS)

EaglePicher has met the challenge of alternative energy storage solutions with the PowerPyramid.™ Our patent pending approach applies our rich heritage and technology leadership to support alternative energy commercialization with hybrid storage solutions for wind farms—allowing wind energy to be stored when energy production is high but demand is low and utilized when demand is at its peak. 

As power suppliers and providers move towards a “greener grid,” the importance of energy storage systems is critical.  Reconciling supply and demand is a major challenge which is exacerbated by the addition of alternative energy generation sources.

Your custom-designed EaglePicher Power Pyramid™ solution
will be designed and built to your unique energy supply needs.

Grid Demonstration Project

Project Scope

  • 2MWh energy storage system
  • 1MW rate capable at 480 Vac
  • Modular design for scalability
  • Demonstrate key capabilitiesProvides additional utility cost savings
    • Bi-directional system
    • Optimized DC storage
  • Provides additional utility cost savings

System Features

  • Provides system validation
    • Battery management system (BMS)
    • Three-tier electrochemistry
  • ROI potential for key storage markets
    • Peak shaving
    • Arbitrage
    • Capacity forming
    • Smoothing
  • EaglePicher Crossroads facility provides easy customer demonstration access


Peak Shaver Demonstration at our Cross Roads Facility

inside-peak-shaver-demo The Peak Shaver project at our Crossroads facility provides easy customer demonstration access facilitating key partnership opportunities. Our demonstration uses the Power Pyramid, a grid energy battery management system, which is constructed of a three-tiered electrochemistry to provide system validation. Return on investment potential using this product for key storage markets is exponential: peak shaving, arbitrage, capacity firming, and smoothing.


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