Oil and Gas


Fossil fuels are a constant factor in how we live our everyday lives. From how we travel, clothe, eat, and warm ourselves at night, oil and natural gas have evolved into complex derivatives of our societies. As manufacturing bases spread in this global economy, and populations increase even more, the demand for these fuels is growing exponentially. More drilling will take place to meet these needs and with this there will be risks.


Gas & Oil Technology
Downhole batteries serve the mining industry, especially for drilling operations. The industry standard relies upon lithium-thionyl chloride chemistry, which is often limited in the maximum operation temperature.To increase the temperature range, EPT is investigating alternate battery technologies, from hybrid chemistries to novel cell and battery architectures.

96924290 Power Drilling, Wireline Work,
Emergency Power

Due to the oil related accidents that have taken place in the past, our scientists and engineers have developed both batteries and energetic devices which are designed to reduce the risk of both oil and natural gas spills.

Since the semi-submersible exploratory offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank in 2010, spilling over 5 million barrels of crude into the Gulf of Mexico our engineering team has developed advance technologies to assist blowout preventers in accomplishing their designed mission.

EaglePicher’s environmental impact statement is to be environmentally responsible.

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