Medical Technology

 A History of Excellence Applied to Cutting-Edge Medical Technology

EaglePicher has been active in battery development since 1922, with a focus on mission critical life sustaining applications. A leader in battery development and manufacturing, EaglePicher is one of the most diversified battery manufacturers in the world.  EaglePicher Medical Power brings the heritage and culture of successful battery development and manufacturing to the implantable medical market.  


Our product line has grown to include primary and rechargeable battery solutions for cardiac rhythm management (pacing, ICD), monitoring and Neuromodulation.  We offer one of the broadest ranges of electro chemistries available for implantable device applications including Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2), Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li/SOCI2), Lithium Carbon Monofloride (Li/CFx) and Lithium Ion (Li-ion).

Our range of high-performance batteries are enhanced by the importance we place on establishing a collaborative technical relationship with our clients—ensuring that battery specifications are finely tuned to each customer’s application. All this is backed by our ISO 13485 certified organization where we provide a full range of research, development and manufacturing capability for implantable medical batteries.


The results speak for themselves.  Over the last several years, our product line has grown to include primary and rechargeable battery solutions for Neuromodulation, Neurostimulation, Drug Pumps, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Heart Pumps, Cochlear Implants and numerous monitoring applications.

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