Measuring, Monitoring, & Security


The field of measuring and monitoring devices has made large strides in innovation in recent years.  These devices are used in military and industrial applications as well as in daily activities for data collection, remote equipment monitoring, and data delivery applications.  You’ll find no better source than EaglePicher for the various cell and battery chemistries used throughout the measuring and monitoring field, in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Utility Meter Reading (UMR)
  • Wireless sensors 
  • Incarcerations bracelets
  • Animal and game tracking devices
  • Automated flushing and fragrance systems
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Inventory management is big business today.  With millions of items being transported and sold daily, intelligent systems are needed to collect and store information accurately.  Most of these systems depend on battery power. With both disposable and rechargeable battery chemistries available, EaglePicher products supply the power for a variety of inventory management applications, including:

  • Bar code scanners
  • GPS cargo signals
  • Handheld scanners and printers
  • Freight tracking systems
  • Smart pick-and-place machines
  • Data collection applications

Security systems today are found in private
homes and vehicles as well as in airports
or government buildings, and all of these
systems rely on battery power.

Even large security systems powered by AC current need battery power for back-up. EaglePicher manufactures a wide variety of battery solutions to meet the needs of security systems. Whether it’s an off- the-shelf battery or a specialized design, EaglePicher is proud to support the systems that keep you, your possessions and your information safe and secure.

We provide consumers with the wide variety of power sources needed to support the entire spectrum of modern security systems, including electric fencing, home security, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), homeland security systems, and credit card and ATM scanners.

Security power systems often make unique demands on the batteries that power them. These batteries may remain unused for long periods of time—often without maintenance—yet, at a moment’s notice, the security system must have the power to do its critical work.  EaglePicher batteries can meet these stringent demands.

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